Trick Dog; the band 

As a trio, we're familiar with the misconception that the size of a band limits both the material it's capable of playing and its ability to generate that "big band" sound. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Along with being accomplished musicians, we have two strong vocalists and by utilizing leading edge Digital Audio technologies, we're able to provide CD quality sound and fullness without occupying unnecessary space. So whether it's Pop, Classic Rock, Country or Funk, the audience can be assured of the widest variety of musical styles accompanied by the sound to which they've become accustomed. So don't take chances when planning your next event. Give us a call. Trick Dog. It's All in the Band.

Trick Dog for Private Parties

So you're planning a party and everyone is going to be there. You've got the space, the food and the drinks - now all you need is the right band. Wouldn't it be nice to find a group who will adapt to your style rather than the other way around? With Trick Dog’s broad range of musical styles you can be assured that even the hardest to please will have a great time - and at a price that fits your budget. From booking through the performance, we'll work with you to coordinate your event, and can even customize our production for your specific needs. We take pride in our ability to apply a personal touch to your private events, and encourage your participation throughout the planning process. So whether it's dancing or just tapping your feet to the beat, Trick Dog’s experience and professionalism make the difference in live music. For private parties, it's Trick Dog.


Trick Dog for Weddings

Weddings. Without a doubt the hardest event to plan of all. You've already got your hands full with all the other details - so why not leave the entertainment worries to us? We understand that cooperation is essential in coordinating a successful event, and work hard to make sure your special day is handled with care. Trick Dog can accommodate gatherings of any size, and we can tailor the production to fit your needs. And more importantly, you don't have to worry about presentation problems. The band will arrive on time and appropriately dressed - with the knowledge and experience necessary to play the right music at the right time. Additionally, our state of the art equipment allows us to keep set-up space to a minimum, so the focus remains on you - not the band. For weddings, it's Trick Dog.


Trick Dog for Nightclubs

With 15 years of experience working nightclubs, we understand that sales are your priority when booking a band. Which is why we've evolved into an act that keeps the crowd there. We an unparalleled variety of music that is sure to please even the most demanding audiences. And our high-energy style, CD quality sound system and top-of-the-line light show guarantee a full dance floor throughout the night. Of course, establishing a good working relationship is key, and we appreciate the need for teamwork in entertaining. Your staff can look forward to interacting with a group that is not only easy to get along with, but one which also understands how important a feel-good atmosphere is to tipping the Nightclub Staff. Additionally, we can coordinate our PR efforts with yours, and can handle any special event needs in a professional manner. All of which ensures not only a satisfied crowd - but a satisfied owner as well. For nightclubs, it's Trick Dog.

Trick Dog for Events

The musical entertainment you select will likely be the most important decision you make when planning a special event, and the wrong choice typically results in a less-than-memorable evening. Which is why we've spent the past 15 years making sure that whatever other concerns our clients may have - the band won't be one of them. And whether it's private parties, corporate events, weddings or nightclub bookings, you can be assured that your event will be handled with the professionalism and attention to detail that has made Trick Dog a Houston favorite for over a decade. Now we’re all in Colorado and looking forward to a bright future. We take pride in our willingness to make your plans our priority, but keep in mind that service is only half the story. The music is still what we're all about.

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